Monday, November 18, 2013

Welcome to Ciletuh Geopark

Ciletuh is a geopark located in Ciemas, Ciwaru, Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia, Ciletuh geopark has a fantastic view of the mountains, amazing climbing route, and unique local culture.Very nice place for a painter or a photographer for inspiration, as well as a haven for hikers and adventurers. This place is a vast park, so it takes a few days for you to enjoy the beauty.Other appeal that makes this park unique is the Earth's rocks 60 million years old, the landscape of Mandra Island , Island of Kunti , Cimarinjung waterfall, and Aerial Ciletuh Gulf .

Earth's rocks 60 million years old

Flora and Fauna

Cimarinjung waterfalls

Kunti Island 

Mandra island 

Travel Advice 

Because Indonesia is a tropical area, then there are only two seasons : the rainy season and dry season. You will feel the heat during the day and if the night will feel so cold.Would be better if you wear shoes or sneakers journey to prevent slipping, do not forget walking - stick and gloves. it is a wise choice to Buy slicker than an umbrella because the area tends windy